Landowners with natural resource concerns on their property are encouraged to visit the Thomas County Conservation District to discuss solutions and possible state financial assistance. The Conservation District is charged with the responsibility of protecting and conserving the county’s natural resources with Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) providing technical assistance relating to erosion, water quality, water conservation, and other resource issues.

New Cost Share Payment Guidelines FY2024

Beginning with FY2024 funding payments will no longer be figured on a County Average Cost as we have in the past.  The payment rates are now set as a Unit Cost and paid at that rate.  For instance, a broad base terrace used to be figured at $1.40 per linear foot and the customer received 60% in cost share ($.84 per foot). The new payment for that same terrace is a flat rate of $1.89. One thing to keep in mind if the contractor charges less than the flat rate you will only receive what is billed. You cannot be paid more than was charged.

Irrigation Cost Share Funds

Funds for the current growing season have all been allocated.  We anticipate more funds to be available this fall for the next growing season.

That would mean applying for funds in the fall for installation of the eligible upgrade prior to the spring growing season in 2024.  Please check the website or call the office for updates. 

During the past five years, the following dollar amounts have been distributed to local landowners and producers.

Water Resources Program
  • 2015 – $19,196,97
  • 2016 – $18,152.52
  • 2017 – $14,023.63                   
  • 2018 – $14,551.00                   
  • 2019 – $9,050.88
TOTAL – $74,975.00

Non-Point Source Pollution Program
  • 2015 – $11,485.83
  • 2016 – $10,038.20
  • 2017 – $5,700.00                            
  • 2018 – $5,468.48                                                                                       
  • 2019 – $7,750.00
TOTAL – $40,442.51


Due date is 06/02/2023